Planning one’s estate is often the last thing a person wants to deal with. This can be a difficult subject to talk about, but it is important to lay out exactly how your want your estate disbursed. This is especially true if you have significant assets or a complicated situation. With a properly executed estate plan, all your wishes will be followed and your assets distributed according to your plan. In El Segundo, many people hire an estate planning attorney to help them with their estate and get their affairs in order.

The process begins when you contact one of our estate planning specialists at Law Offices of Shahin Motallebi – El Segundo. We will schedule an appointment and tell you what documents and information you should bring with you when we meet. We may request you provide us certain information ahead of time so we can begin preparing your paperwork. For example, we may ask you to provide us a complete list of all your assets and how you would like them distributed. We will ask that you very clearly describe each asset, providing all details. This helps ensure the right asset goes to the right individual upon your passing. It is important to provide any key identifiers such as serial numbers or account numbers. Providing this information will help the process go more smoothly and will help ensure all assets are addressed.

Living Will & Trusts in El Segundo CA

Along with identifying who receives a particular asset, you should also consider who you would like to serve as executor of your estate. You can choose an individual or you can appoint our law firm. We are happy to set it up any way you like. It is important to have all the details in place before starting the estate paperwork. This helps keep the process moving and ensures everything is done exactly per your wishes. Having everything addressed in your estate paperwork will help prevent arguments over certain assets later on.

Addressing Your Medical Needs

Another important issue when it comes to estate planning is who do you want to make medical decisions for you when you are no longer capable of making them for yourself. This should be someone you trust to make the right decisions and who will follow your wishes. You want to appoint an individual who is strong enough to stand up to others if there is disagreement about how to handle a particular medical situation.

Law Offices of Shahin Motallebi – Your El Segundo Estate Planning Professionals

Planning your estate is one of the most important things you can do. Our estate planning team of attorneys in El Segundo will work with your to ensure all of your wishes are clear and put into writing. Estate planning can happen at any time. Having a clear estate plan will help prevent issues later on. Get the process started today by contacting an estate planning attorney in El Segundo.

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