A El Segundo-based immigration attorney doesn’t only help people with becoming citizens of a new country. They can also help to prevent you from being deported through defending your case before a judge. In addition, lawyers can provide you with legal advice regarding getting a work visa if you plan to work for a long time in a country. For students who plan to study abroad, it is critical to speak with an attorney and have the proper visa put into place as soon as possible.

Our team here at Law Offices of Shahin Motallebi – El Segundo also can assist you with obtaining citizenship via naturalization. In order to do this, you will need to take a Civics and English test as well as obtain several appointment letters in order to achieve citizenship. When you have all of those things in order, it will help to ensure that you can remain in the country and don’t find yourself needing to fight in order to keep everything that you have work so hard to get the course of many years.

Applying for Citizenship – El Segundo Attorneys

A El Segundo-based immigration attorney can assist you with the process of acquiring citizenship from another country. It isn’t as easy to apply to be a citizen as you may think it is. It not only takes a lot of time to do, but it can be very complex as well. If you have a lawyer working on your behalf, you can ensure that you get all of the required documentation put into place. Depending on your specific situation, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship due to naturalization. There are other ways that our lawyers can assist you, including the following:

– Help you get a new business started
– Obtain access immediately to becoming a citizen in emergency situations
– Represent you in court
– Citizenship test assistance

Hire A Trustworthy Lawyer that Specializes in Immigration

In the US becoming a citizen can take up to seven years. Therefore, you want to have somebody working on your behalf who understands all of the specifics and complexities that are involved with the entire process. Here at Law Offices of Shahin Motallebi – El Segundo, we have a thorough understanding of the laws as well as what it will take to get you through the entire process as efficiently and quickly as possible. We can assist you with submitting all of the documentation that is needed for proving your case before the court. Along the way we also work to minimize any delays.

If you do have an emergency that necessitates you traveling to a different country and staying for for an extended amount of time, our professionals will assist you with getting all of the documents that you need in order to legally stay there. When hiring a El Segundo immigration attorney, you need to have confidence in knowing you are hiring somebody who is working on behalf of your best interests. Don’t rely on just anyone. Make sure to seek help from someone who is trustworthy and who is willing to listen carefully to your needs and get a plan developed that will work for you as well as your individual situation. To get the process started give our team of dedicated professionals a call today.

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