U.S. Treasury Department’s Office Of Foreign Asset Control (“OFAC”) is the government agency that is responsible for regulating, administering, and enforcing the various U. S. economic sanctions programs against the groups of individuals and countries that are viewed as being a threat to the United States. The Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations, 31 CFR Part 560 (“ITSR”) is the body of rules and regulations enforced by OFAC against Iran.

With exception to those transactions permitted under a GENERAL LICENSE, all US persons, including U.S. citizens, US. Permanent Residents, and companies owned by U.S. persons must inform OFAC and obtain pre-authorization to trade in goods or services from Iran, or engage Iranian professionals in Iran.

Los Angeles OFAC Lawyers – Compliance

OFAC regularly updates existing regulations or issues new regulations on the Iran-related sanctions. Please consult us before-hand.

Shahin Motallebi, Esq., Iran Sanctions Attorney, serving the Iranian-American community in Los Angeles, California and all across the U.S.

The Law Offices of Shahin Motallebi helps clients across the nation to comply with OFAC rules and regulations imposed on U.S. persons intending to do financial transactions with Iranian nationals or institutions in Iran. Our OFAC services focuses on helping Iranian-Americans and any legal permanent residents of the United States with legal transfer of assets from Iran to the United States, and vice versa.

Law Offices of Shahin Motallebi is proud to have successfully represented clients in their efforts to obtain specific licenses in relation to US trade sanctions on Iran.

Our firm works diligently to protect assets and rights of our clients. Given the vast reach of the OFAC regulations on Iranian transactions, many in the Iranian-American community may find themselves in violation of those Federal laws. We make it our number one priority to educate the Iranian-Americans on the current state of OFAC laws and regulations, and to protect all clients against any criminal and/or civil prosecution.